About us

At Sentz® we create the best and most innovative care products for your outdoor gear, including the SAFEST way of protection against insects and ticks available on the market.

How everything started…

As passionate outdoor people and technical clothing freaks, we did not find the proper, environmental friendly care products for all our outdoor gear and/or shoes.
No one, up to the launch of the Sentz® range, was capable of offering all those features, including a true sustainable story. Even today, we are by far ahead of our competition on all these levels.
Today, Sentz® offers the highest level of treatment for all your technical clothing and/or shoes to assure you can enjoy your outdoor passion to the fullest!
Textile protection, shoe protection & skin protection!
That is what Sentz® offers you

Future ideas…

Sentz® will continue to research and develop products that will protect you to the fullest.
Not only your gear, but also your skin.
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Mission and vision

Our vision is that we guarantee the best care products for all outdoor clothing and shoes available!
You need to enjoy your outdoor passion without compromising your comfort.
Sentz® takes care of your comfort!
You take care of enjoying your passion!

Our mission is to constantly develop and improve our range of cleaning and care agents for all your clothing and shoes.
Every single day again…!!!