Sentz we create the best and most innovative care products for your outdoor gear, including the SAFEST way of protection against Insect and ticks on the market.

Waterbased products

From the start in 2013, Sentz® only developed its cleaning and water repellent treatments based on pure water!
This makes our care products the most environmental friendly products existing on the market!
And, obviously, no fluor carbon or EVA based water repellents are used in our DWR (durable water repellency) products.

Recycled packaging

All Sentz® bottles are made of recycled or at least 70% recycled material.
We emphasize towards our suppliers for a steady growth of recycled materials where we work with!

European production

To reduce its footprint, Sentz® uses since more than 10 years now, only materials manufactured and developed in Europe. All liquids, components and packaging is developed in an environmental friendly way and environment.


All Sentz® products are environmentally friendly.
We strongly believe that outdoor companies need to set the example of being respectful to mother nature. This is a state of mind instead of a marketing trick.
For Sentz® it has become much more than just green packaging and biodegradable liquids.
We care for your gear, we also care about (y)our environment!!!