Sentz® Clean Spray Footwear

The most perfect way to clean your textile shoes in an environmental friendly way!
Check out inside how to do so…


Sentz® Clean Spray Footwear is a water-based 100% environmentally friendly universal shoe polisher which extends the life of all types of shoes.

Sentz Clean Spray Footwear is very suitable for the treatment of shoes with technical breathable membranes such as Gore-Tex®, Sympatex®, e.g.  


  • Sentz® products do not contain fluorocarbons and are developed without using laboratory animals.

How to use

– First wet the shoes under the tap.
– Then remove superficial dirt with a brush and apply the Sentz® Clean thoroughly onto the still wet shoes. 
– Leave it to work in and then rinse under the tap.
– Leave the shoes to dry at room