Sentz® Clean Spray Leather

Cleaning your leather shoes and/or gear was never so easy: Sentz®-n-Clean for Leather!


Sentz® Clean Spray Leather is a high-quality water-based cleaner for leather goods.
It is 100% ecologically sound.
Sentz® Clean Spray Leather cleans all your leather (motorbike) gear, golf bags, horse equipment (reins), bags, gloves, etc. thoroughly without affecting colours.
It is extremely suitable for treating breathable, highly technical articles (Gore-Tex®, Sympatex®, etc.). 


  • – Environmental friendly 100% water based high technical leather cleaning agent.
    – It cleans smooth leather and suède without compromising the breathable capacities of your leather.

    300 ml bottle

How to use

First remove superficial dirt with some water and a brush. Then spray the article from a distance of about 20cm with Sentz® Clean Spray Leather. Leave the Sentz® Clean Spray Leather to work in for about 10 minutes and then remove the remaining dirt with a cotton cloth. Afterwards you can, if necessary, treat your equipment with Sentz® Dry Spray Leather in order to nourish the leather optimally and restore its water-repellent qualities. 
Leave damp leather garments or equipment to dry at room temperature but not close to a heat source in order to prevent the leather from ‘cracking’.