Sentz® Dry Spray Leather

Cleaning your leather shoes and/or gear was never so easy: Sentz®-n-Clean for Leather!


Sentz® Dry Spray Leather is a high technological impregnation and maintenance product on a 100% water basis for leather goods.
It’s also 100% environmental friendly.

Sentz® Dry Spray Leather protects all your leather (motorbike) gear, golf bags, horse equipment (reins), bags, gloves, etc. thoroughly without affecting colours.
Sentz® Dry Spray Leather is not just a water and dirt repellent but it also nourishes the leather making or keeping it soft so it will last longer!
It is extremely suitable for treating breathable, highly technical articles (Gore-Tex®, Sympatex®, etc.). 


  • H 317: may cause an allergic skin reaction
    H319: causes serious eye irritation

    300 ml bottle

How to use

– Clean first, if needed, with Sentz® Leather Cleaner
– Spray the article from +/- 20 cm distance with Sentz® Dry Spray Leather
– Spread with a cotton or microfiber cloth the solution evenly over the treated surface
– Make sure all seams and stitches are also sufficiently treated
– Then remove with a damp cloth, the remnants, if any

– have damp leather garments or equipment nicely dry at room temperature and not near a source of heat in order to prevent the leather from “cracking”