Sentz® Dry Textile

The highest level of impregnation available on the sports market, developed for your garments!


Sentz® Dry Textile: Use this high-quality product to impregnate your favourite outdoor (sports)gear to make it water-repellent without affecting the breathable quality.

Sentz® Dry Textile
is easy to apply to fabrics with a breathable membrane (Gore-Tex®, Sympatex®, etc.), Polar Fleece, Softshell and other synthetic fabrics.  


  • Sentz® Dry Textile does not contain propellants and/or fluorocarbons, is ecologically sound and is also developed without using laboratory animals.

  • H 317: may cause an allergic skin reaction
    H319: causes serious eye irritation

    300 ml bottle

How to use

Empty all the pockets first, close any Velcro® straps correctly and remove all non-washable elements. If necessary clean the textile first with Sentz® Clean Textile
Machine wash: 
– Remove any soap residues from the soap drawer.
– Add 150ml (one and a half dosing cap) per garment to the dish and one dose per garment for children’s clothes or light sports and cycling gear. 
– Choose the washing machine program based on the washing instructions on the label.
– If possible, spin-dry at low speed.
– Dry the garments in a dryer if possible, or by hanging them up (see washing regulations). 

Hand wash: 
– Put 150ml (one and a half measuring cap) into a wash basin with warm water.
– Immerse the clothes and wash them carefully.
– Rinse with cold water until the water runs clear. 
– Dry the garments in a dryer if possible, or by hanging them up.