Sentz® Re-Fresh

The first and only cleaning liquid for all drinking bags and drinking bottles during sports activities!


Sentz® Re-Fresh is a concentrated cleaning agent especially developed for all your drinking bags and/or drinking bottles that are used during all kinds of sports and outdoor activities.
Only this liquid, mixed with slightly warm water, gets into all littles corners of your bag and/or bottles, including the zipping tube, so all sugar residu and bacteria are eliminated.
Due to this method, your drinking device will be free of bacteria, ready for your next exercise!


  • -Sentz® Re-Fresh is the first unique liquid cleaning and maintaining agent for your drinking bags (cfr. CamelBag®, Hydrapack®,…) and your drinking bottles.
    300 ml bottle

How to use

For Camelbag®, Hydrapak®, and others:
Pour 1 overcap (circa 100 ml) in 1,5 liters of slightly warm water and pour this into your drinking bag (Camelbag® and others).
Squeeze good so the mix goes into all corners of the bag, including the zipping tube.
Due to the liquid, not a soluble tablet, combined with warm water, your complete drinking bag will be 100% clean of residu and bacteria.