Sentz® Textile Cleaner

Washing your technical sports gear was never so easy without compromising the technical levels !


Sentz® Textile Cleaner is a natural high-quality soft soap suitable for cleaning your favourite outdoor (sports) gear.
It can be used to clean breathable (Gore-Tex®, Sympatex®, etc.) and non-breathable fabrics, while technical membranes regain their optimum breathable capacity.
Other materials, such as camera and saddlebags, backpacks and tents look as good as new after cleaning but still keep their water-repellent qualities. 


  • EUH208:
    contains a mixture of 5-chloro-2-methyl-4-isothiazolin-3-one [EC no. 247-500-7] and 2- methyl-2H -isothiazol-3-one [EC no. 220-239-6] (3:1). Can cause an allergic reaction.

How to use

Empty all the pockets first, close any Velcro® straps correctly and remove all non-washable elements. 

Machine wash:
– Remove any soap residues from the soap drawer.
– add 100ml (1 dosing cap) per garment.
– Choose the washing machine programme based on the washing recommendations on the label.
– Spin-dry at low speed if possible.
– Dry the garments in a dryer if possible, or by hanging them up (see washing recommendations). 

Hand wash:
– Pour 100ml (1 dosing cap) into a wash basin with warm water.
– Immerse the clothes and wash them carefully.
– Rinse with cold water until the water runs clear.
– Dry the garments in a dryer if possible, or by hanging them up (see washing recommendations).