Sentz® Tick-Off Skin spray is a NEW designed repellent against mosquito’s and ticks, completely DEET-free!
IR3535® is the key to success for perfect protection against annoying insects and ticks.


  • Contains 20% of IR3535®
    Up to 8 hours of effective protection against ticks, (tiger) mosquitoes,flies,
    wasps, bees, fleas and lice.
    – 20% Ethyl Butylacetilaminoproprionate
    (CAS 52304-36-6)

    100 ml bottle

How to use

ONLY use on arms, hands, legs and face.
Do not use sunscreen or cosmetic products
after applying the repellent otherwise the repellent will no longer be able to protect you.
Do not apply to wounds or cuts,
just shaved or irritated skin.
Do not use under clothing.
Product can be used for children over 1 year old. Do not use on the hands of children. Do not spray into the eyes or apply around the eyes.
An adult should apply the product to
children under 10 years of age.
Directions for use:
for children up to 10 years of age apply only once a day. For children over 10 years and adults apply up to twice a day. Only reapply when effectiveness decreases. For external use only.
Do not inhale. Use only as directed.