Sentz® Wetsuitcleaner

Washing your technical sports gear was never so easy without compromising the technical levels !

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Sentz® Wetsuitcleaner is a water dilutable environmentally friendly cleaning concentrate that is specially developed to clean efficiently neoprene wetsuits and accessories. This formula removes all possible kinds of pollution which may have a nasty influence on the general condition of your neoprene equipment (urine, sun lotion, dead skin cells, polluted (sea)water,…)


  • Warnings:
    Contains Caliumhydroxide-Natriumhydroxide.
    R38: Irritating for skin.
    R41: Dangerous to eyes.
    S26: In case of eyecontact, rinse thoroughly with water and contact a doctor. S46: In case of ingestion, immediately contact a doctor and show this label or the packaging.
    EN: <5%-Amphotere surfactants – Non-ionogene surfactants 5-15% – Anionogene surfactants – Preservatives – Perfume
    Shake well before use

    300 ml bottle

How to use

Sentz® Wetsuitcleaner is a concentrated product and always has to be mixed/diluted with water. Preferably use lukewarm to warm water. However this is not a necessity. (Also cold watertests have given a good result)

Dosing advice:
Pour 50 ml (half a dosing cap) Sentz® Wetsuit Cleaner in a container of about 6 litre of water.
Immerse the dirty wetsuit totally and work it then thoroughly till all dirt is removed.
Then rinse the cleaned articles thoroughly in order to prevent any skin irritation with subsequent use.
This especially for people with a sensitive skin. (Attention: Children have a far more sensitive skin then adults. When cleaning children’s suits, extra attention has to be given to the rinsing.)
Sentz® Wetsuit Cleaner is made of natural and biologically degradable surface-active constituents.