Sentz® Bike Cleaner NEW

Sentz® Bike Cleaner makes your bike shine! By far the most technical advanced bike cleaner which is 100% biodegradable !!!

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Sentz® Bike Cleaner makes your bike shine!
This biodegradable cleaner is suitable for all parts of your bike and/or motorbike.
The handy nozzle delivers a powerful spray and the fast soluble formula can be safely used on all bike surfaces, from carbon fibre to titanium, chrome, steel, aluminium, rubber and plastic.
As well for MTB, race bikes and motor bikes!


  • A biodegradable cleaner for the whole bike, including motorbikes.
    Completely environmental friendly product!

How to use

Sentz® Bike Cleaner:
Carefully read the instructions on the packaging before use. When seeking medical advice, keep the container or label available.
Keep out of the reach of children.
Best processing temperature: 10 to 25°C.
Shake before use.
Apply the cleaner and let it do its work for about 5 minutes.
Rinse with water and dry with a clean dry cloth. If necessary, treat with Sentz® Bike Gloss (in development) for extra protection!