Sentz® Clean for Hunting

The ideal cleaning product for all your hunting and bush craft gear. UV and odor neutralization included!


Sentz® Clean for Hunting is a cleaning product especially designed for hunters, ornithologists and bush-craft lovers…
“Scab-Tech” is the technology created by Sentz® to: cover, neutralize and/or absorb scents coming from the human body or other sources which make you highly detectable for deer. 


  • Sentz® Clean for Hunting is a natural high-quality soft soap suitable for cleaning your favourite hunting / outdoor gear.
    Both breathing (Gore-Tex®, Sympatex®,…) and non-breathing fabrics become clean and scent neutral with Sentz Clean for hunting.
    Technical membranes regain their optimum breathing capacity.
    Other materials such as bags, back packs, tents, …are as good as new while keeping their water repellent qualities. 

    300 ml bottle

How to use

– Empty all pockets first.
– Close the Velcro® correctly and remove all non washable parts.

Machine wash:
Remove soap remnants from the soap dish.
Pour 100ml (1 dosing cap) per garment in the dish. Program the washing machine according to the washing recommendations on the label.
Spin-dry at low speed, if possible.
Dry by hanging clothes or in dryer if possible (see washing recommendations).

Hand wash:
Pour 100ml (1 dosing cap) in a wash basin with warm water.
Immerse the clothes and work them slightly.
Rinse with cold water till cleansing water remains clear.
Dry by hanging clothes or in dryer if possible (see washing recommendations).