Sentz® Dry Spray for Hunting

The highest level of impregnation available on the sports market, developed for your garments!


Sentz® Dry Spray for Hunting is a high quality waterproofer and scent absorbant for the treatment of:
a) clothing: Sentz® Dry Spray for hunting is developed for the treatment of hunting textile equipped with or without a breathable, technical membrane (Gore-Tex®, Sympatex®,…) Also suitable for use on Polar Fleece, Softshell and other synthetic or cotton fibres.
b) Equipment: In addition to the treatment of clothing Sentz® Dry Spray for hunting is very suitable for waterproofing equipment such as bags, gloves, backpacks, … Our products do not contain propellant and/or harmful fluor carbon, are environmentally friendly and moreover developed without the use of laboratory animals.


  • Sentz® Dry Spray for Hunting does not contain propellants and/or fluorocarbons, is ecologically sound and is also developed without using laboratory animals.

    300 ml bottle

How to use

– First clean the item that is to be treated with Sentz® Clean Hunting (hand wash or machinewash if possible).
– Hold the spray during the treatment at a distance of about 30cm in order to have a good covering.
– The moment the treated product starts drying, wipe off white remnants, if any, with a damp cloth and have everything dry at room temperature.
– Your equipment is now ready for use.