Sentz® Trampo-Clean/Trampo-Dry

The first cleaning and water repellent device especially developed for the edges of your trampoline. To clean & to protect! Limitless joy for your kids!

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Sentz® Trampo-Clean & Trampo-Dry is a unique NEW development to keep the edges of your kids favorite trampoline clean and dry!
Due to its special, environmental friendly, cleaning liquid, you will not be confronted with dirt sticking at the edges of your “‘playground”. The dirt and water repellent “Trampo-Dry” keeps the edges dry without leaving any traces of dirt.


  • Sentz® Trampo-Clean & Trampo-Dry are 100% water based and completely environmental friendly. Easy to spray on without irritating the skin.
    Trampo-Clean: 750 ml
    Trampo-Dry: 750 ml

How to use

Spray the Sentz® Trampo-Clean from a 20 to 30 cm distance onto the edges of your trampoline. When very dirty use a brush to clean. After applying the spray, use af microfiber cloth to clean nicely.
After cleaning, you can apply the Sentz® Trampo-Dry to give the edges a water and dirt repellent treatment.